Social Media

What Is Your Social Presence "Like"?

It seems like every month a new social media site is launched. How are you supposed to keep up with them? Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube & FourSquare. Which ones should your business use? Let Emagine help you sort out your Social Presence!

With so many Social sites, it can be confusing! Which sites are best for my businesses to be using? Why would Facebook be more beneficial for you than Twitter? At Emagine we can sit down with you and discuss the differences in the Social Media sites. We can go over the Pros & Cons of each site and help weed out sites that may not be a good fit for your company.


Emagine has developed a specialized software to help you stand out from the crowd! SocialBackend is a web based software solution that lets you have a custom Facebook application added to your businesses Facebook page. With SocialBackend, you are able to offer special deals only to users who like your Facebook page. Also, you can run special promotions to gather contact information from users who "LIKE" your page for future marketing purposes.

Socialbackend Features

Custom Content Page

Put any content you want to let your fans and friends know about! You tell them about your company, organization, group or cause. Let them know about upcoming events, promotions or contests. Want to show a full graphic image instead of text? No problem! You can upload an image to get your message across! The possibilities are endless!

'Like' To See Our Deals

Now you can offer your latest deals to your friends and fans. Best of all you can grow the number of friends and fans you have by requiring Facebook users to "like" you before they are allowed to see any deals you have!

Let Your "Flock" Hear You Tweet

Do you have a Twitter account? If so, you know it can be a pain to try to keep all social networks up-to-date. With SocialBackend you can now list your latest "tweets" right on your Facebook page. Also, people can choose to "follow" you without leaving Facebook!

Really Let Your Fans Contact You

With SocialBackend your friends and fans can now contact you easier then ever before! SocialBackend adds both a map of your location and a contact form right to your Facebook page. No more leaving Facebook just to send you an email!

Use Promotions To Capture Emails

With the promotions feature you can let users register for promotions you are having. The registration can capture email, name, address, age and more!

As you can see SocialBackend has a lot of features that will make you stand out in a crowded Social world.

You can learn more about SocialBackendor get started with SocialBackend by clicking this link:

To learn more about our services, contact us at (712) 262-6674.