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Using organic search techniques, attract the right kind of prospects for your business and help turn them into satisfied customers!

What is Inbound Marketing & What Can It Do For You?

Inbound marketing focuses on targeted techniques such as content creation, search marketing and social media, to better position your company to be the ideal solution your customers are searching for. Instead of buying ads, email lists, sending direct mail or other traditional marketing methods, we focus on creating compelling content strategies, advanced search engine optimization and active social media management, all while keeping your customers interests in mind. Through our inbound marketing process, you will attract more qualified prospects, convert those prospects into leads, nurture your leads into customers and generate more sales from those customers.

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Inbound marketing generates 54% more leads than traditional outbound marketing! Are you ready to start owning instead of renting? Do you want to get more out of your marketing budget? Let's work together to create an individualized approach to generate more qualified leads.

Inbound marketing generates 54% more leads than traditional outbound marketing!

Our inbound marketing process just works!


Attract More Qualified Prospects

Not all website visitors are created equal. Companies are focusing on trying to generate large quantities of traffic to their website without taking into consideration who the visitors are. Our goal is to not only increase website traffic, but to narrow the traffic down to your potential customers. We work on attracting qualified prospects who are either looking for your specific company or are searching for a product or service your company provides. We will help you begin to build relationships that turns your prospects into leads.

Some of our proven techniques to attract qualified prospects are:

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Management

Custom Website Design

Unique Quality Content

Convert Prospects Into Promising Leads

Getting visitors to your website is great, but unless you capture information about your visitors, it doesn't do you any good. The most important information you can receive from a visitor is their email address. With their email address you can learn more about who they are, better inform them of your products and services and it will also allow you to convert them from being a lead into a customer with promotions and discounts. However, in today's world, capturing email addresses isn't easy. We will help you develop quality content and incentives to make sure your visitors are confident in your company and feel comfortable providing you with their contact information. Understanding your customers and their individual buying processes will allow you to convert your leads into customers.

Some of the main tools we use in converting prospects into leads are:

Targeted Landing Pages

Proven Calls-to-Action

Lead Capturing Forms

Integrated Contact Manager

Nurture Leads Into New Customers

Great, now you have your visitors contact information, but what do you do with it? In the past, you would have to take that information and integrate it into multiple systems to achieve the best marketing solution. With our proven techniques, we take your contacts information, analyze it and make it centrally accessible to automate the marketing process. Our system, not only manages your contacts, but will also score your leads to let you know who is most likely to convert into a customer. Our goal is to utilize techniques and implement marketing strategies to make your sales department's job easier and generate customers more efficiently.

Some of the important tools we use to nurture leads into customers are:

Customer Relationship Manger

Advanced Email Marketing

Marketing Automation

Detailed Campaign Reporting

Generate More Sales From Satisfied Customers

You did it. Congratulations! You converted visitors from your website into satisfied customers, but what now? Just because someone has purchased from you in the past, doesn't mean they will in the future. Past and current customers are the most qualified leads you have and not implementing ongoing marketing to them could be one of the biggest mistakes you could make. With inbound marketing, it is important to not only reach new customers, but to keep current customers happy, so that they become some of your best advertisers. Following up with yours customers with surveys, special deals and even a simple thank you will show them that they are not just another number and that you are a company who cares about its customers. By establishing the right goals and strategies that will be relevant and attract the right kind of prospects for your business in the beginning, inbound marketing will help you generate the sales and receive results you have been striving for.

Below are some techniques we use to keep your satisfied customers coming back:

Customer Insight Surveys

Deals and Promotions

Customized Lead Nurturing

Conversion Optimization

I always recommend Emagine to my colleagues. I am beyond satisfied with their inbound marketing strategies. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

- Yvette Roberts, Nuwex
Like anything worth doing, inbound marketing takes time. However, if you have the willingness and dedication to see the process through, it's the most effective strategy available today for online marketing.