The Difference Between Social Media Engagement and a Social Media Campaign

What is the difference between day-to-day social media engagement and an actively managed social media campaign? Many business owners who advertise their brand on social media keep up to date with publishing, responding to comments, and attracting likes and leads. But this type of unfocused activity differs from the plan to launch an active social media campaign. What are the critical distinctions between these two types of[...]

3 Ways to Market Your Business on Instagram

Instagram is an incredibly valuable marketing resource for today's business owners. With 800 million users as of September 2017, the potential to market your business on the platform is huge. But how do you leverage this traffic to grow your business? Here are 3 ways to boost engagement and grow your Instagram community.

1. Use Hashtags Wisely

Content posted with hashtags gets more engagement than content posted without[...]

Why You Need to Build Your Facebook Video Presence Now

There is a huge opportunity for small and mid-sized brands in social media right now, and it's called Facebook Video. Facebook's video platform is far more than a tacked-on video service. It is a direct competitor to YouTube, designed from the ground up to be an engaging user experience that drives significant viewership and ad revenue.

There are many enticing features that make Facebook Video is a great fit for brands.[...]

Using Facebook Lookalike Audiences to Expand Your Social Media Advertising Reach

Facebook is perhaps the greatest traffic driver on the modern web, with over a billion active users providing rich hunting grounds for online marketers. Carefully crafted Facebook advertising campaigns can be extraordinarily effective, but there often comes a time when no matter how much spend you can devote to it, a campaign will start to see diminishing returns.

Two of the most important aspects of a successful campaign[...]

How You Can Use the 80/20 Rule to Boost Your Social Media Response

If you're on the internet with any regularity, you're surely familiar with the importance of social media marketing in the contemporary business landscape. However, a common mistake among business owners new to social media is that they only create posts that market their company to the exclusion of all other content. This presents a serious risk of alienating the target audience.

Therefore, one effective guideline to keep[...]

How to Make Snapchat Sponsored Posts Work for Your Company

Snapchat is one of the most important tools for digital marketers and sponsored Snapchat posts are a major part of the platform's appeal.

Sponsored posts are created by popular Snapchat users but focus on products marketed by other people. As such, they are essentially a form of advertising but benefit from being concealed behind the persona of an independent content creator.

With around 150 million daily users, it's no[...]

How to use Facebook Live to Market Your Business

Going live on Facebook with a video promoting your business is the best way to personalize your brand. It allows you to directly interact with your audience, which creates a strong connection with both prospective buyers as well as current customers. Having a ready-made, built-in audience on your profile page is a great asset, ensuring that your message is easily conveyed to those you target. So what are the best Facebook[...]

How to Get Ahead in Facebook Advertising

No marketer can afford to leave Facebook out of their advertising strategy. With over a billion active daily users, the social network remains a key gathering place for the world's online shoppers, and the tools available to marketers on the platform are an incredibly powerful way to reach them.

When you are crafting a Facebook marketing campaign, it is crucial to get the ad itself right. Here are some ways that you can[...]

8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Manager

Every business can benefit from hiring an experienced individual to handle all of their social media and SEO needs. However, many business owners overlook this position and may even scatter the responsibilities across their workforce. Ultimately, this common habit overwhelms current employees and depletes productivity. These top reasons are why your business needs a social media manager that can help you fully grasp the[...]

5 Ways Your Small Business Can Profit From Twitter

It's common knowledge in business circles that social media sites can help your company rise above the competition. However, most business owners tend to focus on Facebook and ignore the other options. Did you know that using Twitter can also profit your small business? Here are five ways you can benefit from tweeting.

Customer feedback

Twitter can completely change your customer service experience. You can tweet responses[...]

Why You Must Use Google Plus in Your Social Media Marketing

As a small-business owner, you only have so much time to invest in managing social media accounts. Twitter and Facebook have definite value, but one platform all company owners must use is Google Plus. This community-centered social media tool offers several distinct marketing advantages for your company.

The Community-Centered Approach

Technically, all social networks have a community of users. However, the one word often[...]

Facebook Best Practices: Seven Ways to Make Every Post Count

Facebook is the leading social media platform in the world. With over one billion active users, it presents many opportunities for businesses to expand and connect with their audience. You should make every post meaningful, but this can be difficult to accomplish. With these seven practical tips, you can boost your success and engage your Facebook fans more than ever before.

Think of Your Audience

Your audience should[...]

Five Misconceptions about Social Media

Many companies want to use social media to help build their business and familiarize people with their brand. However, misconceptions about social media can ruin a company's effort to gain new customers online. Here are five of the most common misunderstandings about social media and how organizations should act in an online world.

Misconception 1: It's easy.

Yes, it is easy to tweet a sentence or two out to the world or to[...]

Take Your Facebook Page To The Next Level With SocialBackend

Try to find one person who hasn't heard of Facebook. Go ahead, I'll wait... It probably won't happen.

Facebook has over 618 million daily active users! Among those users are many businesses using Facebook Pages. Social media has become almost a requirement in today's internet world. Businesses who choose not to take part in the Social experience are not only missing out on a great promotional tool, they may even be seen as[...]